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2013 we have retired from breeding birds. I will leave pictures on the site photo galleries for references.

We are a small closed breeding facility with 30 years of breeding experience. We have 125 pairs of mostly small & medium sized birds you see in most shops.

Senegal, Meyers, Red Belly, Pionus, Greys, Orange Wing Amazon Parrots.  Sun, Jenday, Gold Cap, Blue Crown, Halfmoon, Peach Front, Cherry Head, Patagonian, Painted, Maroon Belly, Green Cheeks, Dusky Conures, Quaker, Alexadrine, Ringnecks, Canary Wings, White Wings, Plumhead Parakeets, Moustache, Hahns mini Macaws White Face Cockatiels, Canaries, Lovebirds, Zebra Finch

We pull the babies at 2 weeks & hand feed the babies for the pet trade. The Conures, Parrots, Cockatiels are usually sold at the age of 3-5 weeks. Closed banded and ready to be finished out to weaning.

The Canaries (Spanish Timbrados) we raise are for their song !

The Cockatiels are mostly the White Face Mutations (varieties) in  Gray, Pieds, Albinos, Pearls, Cinnamons etc.

Parakeets are the common parakeets in fancy colors !

Zebra Finch are various colors including Black Cheeks ! Plus we are working on a White Black Cheek !!!

Lovebirds !

We have Masked in dilutes, blues, greens !

Peachface in White Face Blues, dark factor, violets, pieds, american cinnamons and several other colors.

 Most of which you can see in the


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