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  Black Gold Premium Dog & Cat Food information page !

We use, recomend, and sell Black Gold Premium Dog & Cat Foods only, because we like high quality products that work.

We started feeding Black Gold back in 2003. We fed it for a year to our Labradors & Yorkies to see the long term results. They were the same as the results we intially got from feeding the Black Gold products in the begining, very, very impressive. We feed the Black bag 26/18 exclusively to all our dogs, young and old, large and small working and retired, with the utmost satisfaction !

You will feed  less than most any premium foods ! The ingredients used are of the highest digestibility & quality. High quality human grade fats are used. Meat based protein, and no soy. If you feed one or twenty dogs you will see first hand the difference in the amount they eat, the amount of stool you clean up, their coat shine and the great condition they stay in.

You will see your dogs eat it vigorously, gain weight, have a shiny coat, brite eyes, work hard, with minimal stools on less food almost immediately !

Black Gold has several varieties from your low activity level dogs to your hard running field trial dogs.

The number one nationwide seller is the Black 26/18. This bag says right on the back, you can feed it to puppies, pregnant dogs, working dogs, old dogs, young dogs, with 100% money back guarantee. It has all that is required through out the dogs life in it ! This means you never have to change from a puppy food to an adult food. Best yet it averages about half the price of most complete premium foods !

 Photos of Black Gold users & winners in the  Photo Gallery !

For more information on the Black Gold products or a dealer near you, contact us or check out their web site. See our young Labrador Buddy receiving his CH title and several of our customers pictures on their dog photos link !

As owners of Tippy River Labradors Training Center & Supplies we want to thank all the people at Black Gold for developing such a wonderful product and for everything they do for us, plus all our customers, friends that use this great product. Our sales were up 80% in 2006 because the quality of this food sells its self !

Thank You so much everyone !




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