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Our Dogs, NEF, H&R Starter/Training Pistols

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Labrador Retrievers and Yorkshire Terriers

Our dogs consist of high quality working Labrador Retrievers from the top AKC working bloodlines in the country and quality Yorkshire Terriers bred from strong AKC & UKC show lines.

Although we have some UKC Show titled Labradors, we mainly concentrate on the working aspects, Gun dog and Hunt test quality puppies. If you have true working dogs you will have quality in their conformation also. We have shown some of these dogs just too prove that.

What makes the Labradors such wonderful family dogs is the true traits of the breed. Which we strive to continue to breed for, the true traits of the breed. Intelligence, loyalty, desire, soundness, and looks.

Our Labradors have very strong pedigrees. Most are Grandsons, Granddaughters, Sons, or Daughters of National Champions, Field Champions, Amateur Field Champions, Master Hunters, Champions etc. We search the avaiable gene pool of the USA for top puppies to bring into our program. We have three generations of some of our dogs here to see. You can also come by and see them work, play, or lounge around just about anytime.

We take pride in how intelligent, hard working, trainable, good looking our Labradors are. We have numerous clients, customers, and new friends that will agree to all the statements made here.

Training available for the complete hunting retriever or the family companion !

Yorkshire Terriers !

Our Yorkies are from very strong pedigree of show quality Yorkies also. We do the same for them as we do the Labradors. We want quality in our puppies, for our customers to have quality companions.

Our Yorky males are 3.5 & 5 pounds Wyatt or Bailey.

We also have the German Biewer (Beever) Yorkies (Tri Colored). We have 2 males 4 pounds and under. Freddie & Buddy. Both are very nice boys with complete different bloodlines.

The girls we have all range from 4-6 pounds Yorkies & the Biewer Yorkies. Most all of these dogs can be seen in our photo gallery.

 Bailey born in 05  is small (5 pounds) , hairy, with the baby doll face and lots of personality to match. He is out of a UKC Grand Champion male of 3 1/2 pounds who was top Yorkie male in 1999! We want to bring him into our breeding program in 07 !  Wyatt our other Yorky male is a Grandson of Casey.

We also have Maltese Emmy, Milley for gilrs that are 5-6 pounds. Baxter is our male at 4.5 pounds.

Owners of

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With over 25 years experience

Robin Solomon  AKC Performance Judge No. 71629

Theresa Pence

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